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Post  pjc on Mon Oct 22, 2007 6:00 am

Forum Rules and Warnings
Please thoroughly read through these rules before posting!

1. No flaming!
Flaming is deliberately attempting to insult someone, or start a heated argument. Flaming solves nothing, so please, don't do it. Severe flaming can result in an instant ban, if bad enough.

2. No spamming!
Spam is often considered to be an acronym, standing for "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages". It is very truthful as well. Spam is just posting for the sake of posting something completely stupid, and random. There's really no place for this, and it just clutters the forums up. Severe spamming can result in a ban.

3. No swearing!
Please, no swearing. It isn't polite at all, especially on an online forum, where people want to come together and make friends, not be abused. If it's mild, then you can get away with it, but severe swearing will get you banned, no ifs or buts.

4. PG-13!
Keep everything PG13, please. Some people on these forums will be under 13, and we don't want to be seeing any sex-related things, swearing, or anything particularly vulgar. Be careful what you post.

Warnings and Bans
With the new forum system, I now have a lovely, brand-new official warning system put in place by the forums themselves, so I don't need to do much manually. I also have a little "Ban" button. I don't want to have to use either, and neither do the Universal Mods. So please, don't break the rules. We have the right to ban you instantly, for as long as we see fit, if not permanently, if we feel the need to do so.

So please, follow all of the rules, and we'll all get along just fine. Have fun being banned responsible! Twisted Evil
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Full moon... o_O

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